Geneva Motor Show // My first site visit

photo 1I was really excited to find out that I was finally going to be able to go on site and see designs I’ve worked on in reality. I had been given the opportunity to go to the Geneva Motor Show to help with the build of the Lotus stand we had been working on. I flew out to Geneva early in the morning after a friend’s wedding the night before… not the easiest thing I’ve ever done! Heading straight to the exhibition hall next door to the airport, we started work straight away. I cleaned glass, put up picture frames, made furniture and art directed the layout of the hospitality space. I even had a near death experience… when cleaning paint spots off the floor tiles with a razor blade (if you think being a designer is glamorous… I hope I’ve set you straight!) the S in Lotus fell off the logo on the first floor windows and landed inches from my head! It would have been just typical if I had finally been let out of the office and hospitalised or worse hours later! After a couple of days of cleaning up after the boys, who worked their socks off  building the stand, I was in a lot pain but felt really satisfied after seeing the final result! I even got to have a nose around at the other stands and was really pleased to see that one of our neighbours was AC Cobra… my favourite car ever!!

photo 4 copy


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