The great escape // A degus day out

On my second day at V Festival I got a phone call from house-mate Andy. When he told me that my degus had escaped, I thought he was joking. I finally realised that he was telling the truth and, after watching Hanson (my childhood heartthrobs), I headed back to London to get them back in their cage. My lovely house-mates had managed to catch Tilly, so I spent the next 5 hours trying to get Kitty out from under my bed. After practically removing everything from my room, and with a little help from my house-mate James, I managed to get them both back in their cage. It was only then that I was told where Tilly was found… she had managed to escape out of my open (first floor!) window and somehow, whether by jumping, wall scaling or floating, made it into our back garden. Not only that, but I later realised that she had chewed through an electrical cable and burnt her mouth as well. Poor little thing! Maybe she’s super human…. or super rodent even? She seems to be making a speedy recovery though… phew!

photo copy 6


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