Goodwood Revival // Kenwood and De’Longhi

After spending lots of time working on projects in the office, it’s always fun to get out and see them in real life. One of my favourite projects I worked on last year was a revolving 1950s and 1970s kitchen at Hemmingway’s Vintage Festival. Unfortunately I was on holiday for the actual show last year, so jumped at the chance to work on site when we repeated the project this year at Goodwood Revival. Focussing this year on the 1940s and 1960s, we also had the addition of 1950s rock and roll café to think about. Having sourced lots of props, including an incredibly hard to find vintage water heater, we set out to create the most authentic looking café and kitchens we could make. Spending most of the time on site painting, set dressing and cleaning we were pleased to be able to revisit the show when it opened to the public. Dressed era appropriately, it was really great to see people enjoy the spaces we created.


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