Craft fair fun // cupcake baking

544844_10150831345096662_2118893030_nMy old house-mate Alex’s school was having a craft fair and they asked her to have a table there. She asked me if I would like to sell cupcakes with her… I thought, why not! It would be fun to spend the day baking and then selling them the next. We decided to make gingerbread and salted caramel cupcakes… with crumbled up Crunchies on top, lemon meringue cupcakes… with lemon curd and actual meringue, black forest gateaux cupcakes… with fresh cream and crumbled flake and strawberries and cream cupcakes… with a huge fresh strawberry and fresh cream. I really wish I’d tried one of the lemon meringue one’s before we went to the craft fair because we completely sold out, so I missed my chance. But the salted caramel ones were really yummy… and we had a few spare of those at least I thought we wouldn’t break even… but we actually made £16 profit!! I spent most of it at the craft fair though…. whoops!



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