Olympic fever // Women’s Road Cycling

Following a great day at the Men’s race, my dad and I headed out to watch the women do their thing… but this time we had tickets! We headed down to the mall and got a pretty good spot to watch the start of the race and then once people disappeared off to get food etc we got right to the front at the barriers. We had a great view of the big screen, so we had a running commentary throughout the whole race, which was great! The weather, however, was a different matter! Unlike the sunshine of the men’s race, we were pelted with bouts of rain…. we’d watch it raining at Box Park and then a few minutes later receive it ourselves. As the peloton neared Lizzie Armistead was in a great position and as they came down The Mall they crowd went crazy! We banged on the barriers and screamed our heads off as Lizzie rode past and bagged the silver medal… Team GB’s first of the games! It’s a shame we didn’t get the anthem on The Mall… but that didn’t matter really… she got a medal and it was the most amazing atmosphere, even with the rain!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 23.43.13


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