Standon Calling // Smallest festival yet!

One of my best friend’s Caroline told me all about this little festival that her sister had been to …it was in the back garden of the organisers’ house and farm land behind it, with one of the stages in a cow shed and festival goers could even use their pool! It sounded pretty cool…. plus it was pretty cheap as festivals go! At that point I wasn’t booked up for any festivals yet… so I was definitely up for it!

When we got out there it was unlike any festival I had ever been to! It was so small and was really good fun, we mingled with the likes of King Charles (I am loving him right now!) who joined the crowd at the tiny folk stage. My favourite bit was being introduced to the music of Willy Mason… one of Caroline’s favourites. It was one of the most amazing festival experiences… not only was his amazing and charismatic, the whole crowd sat cross-legged throughout the whole performance! We were second row from the front, so I didn’t realise until I turned around quite far into the performance quite how many people were watching! Cross-legged people spilled far out the back of the tent, filling the garden! Wow!



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