Flat Iron // A pop-up steak sensation

When I first heard about Flat Iron I was so excited to go and visit. Not only do I LOVE steak, but I’ve been wanting to go to a pop-up restaurant for a long time and this looked like the perfect quirky place for me.

My house-mate Andy and I got to the Owl and Pussycat, the pub that hosts Flat Iron, and made our way upstairs towards a neon ‘Steak is what you want’ sign… as I’d been looking forward to dinner all day it certainly wasn’t wrong! We waited in the bar for a table to become available and enjoyed some tasty cocktails, served in Mason jars with ice chiselled off a huge block of ice at the end of the bar.

When we got to the table, after only an hour, we didn’t have to spend ages mulling over the menu as there was only one choice… The Flat Iron Steak for the amazing price of only £10!! The steak was really tasty, Andy and I shared sides of roast aubergine and dripping cooked chips which were delicious too. My only complaint would be that I prefer my steak cooked less… almost raw in fact, and as the steak is so thin they said that this wouldn’t be possible. This aside it was all well worth the visit! The crowing glory, however, was the absolutely amazing chocolate mousse pudding! Served with sea salt it was one of the nicest desserts I’ve ever had… it was light, the perfect amount of chocolate and the salt set it off perfectly! All in all I was fully satisfied by my visit and just about managed to leave the amazing cutlery on the table and not slip it into my bag! If they extend their stay at the Owl and the Pussycat I will definitely be back… fingers crossed!


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