Birthday treats // Knitted Cactus

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 23.41.49I randomly came across this gorgeous knitted cactus from oddsandends when image searching at work and swiftly filed it in my ‘personal inspiration’ folder, along with all the other cute images I will pull out when I finally get my own flat/house! I was determined to make one for myself one day… so when my lovely friend Nicola sent us her through her birthday list and I saw cacti on it, I knew it was the perfect opportunity! I couldn’t find any knitting patterns, only crochet ones… so, as I was so determined to make this spikey little fella, I decided that this was the time that I learnt to crochet! After consulting my good friends Google and YouTube, I started to pick up the techniques and started to see a nice little square coming together….

Another couple of strips of crochet, some sewing and stuffing and I had something that resembled a cactus… I was super excited to finish it off the next with a trip to Homebase! I picked up a little plant pot and some gravel… but the biggest problem was the spikes! I wanted something that would look spikey, but didn’t feel too sharp. I looked at all the paintbrushes, but they were too floppy or too fine… at the next stop, Tesco, I found the perfect solution… a scrubbing brush! I painstakingly trimmed bristles off the edges of the brush and poked them into the ribs of the cactus and voila! One quirky gift was finished! It went down a storm… and even got pride of place on the mantelpiece!



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