Christmas crafts // Big red blanket

photo copy 3When I mentioned to my friend James that one of my favourite things about winter was snuggling up in a blanket, and he said that he didn’t own any blankets… I knew that I had to change this! I sought out the most snuggley chunky red wool that I could find and bought some big fat knitting needles so that I could get started on what I hoped to be a big manly chunky knit blanket! As it got bigger, the warmer I got knitting it as it fully covered my legs with it’s enormousness… and after hours and hours and HOURS of knitting I ended up with a huge and very warm blanket that I almost didn’t want to give up. After tracking down the biggest crochet hook I’ve ever seen, I finished off the blanket with a crochet border and sewed in my first ever knitting tag. Ta-da!! I can honestly say that I will not be knitting another blanket for quite a while… but only because of the time consuming-ness. I was really pleased how it turned out in the end and I even impressed his mum… praise indeed!


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