Christmas crafts // Ollie’s spy kit

Ollie, my best friend’s lovely 6 year old, loves to play at make believe… and his latest favourite thing is pretending to be a spy. As I bought him a ridiculously expensive for his age (but incredibly amazing) Rockmount shirt for his birthday/holiday present, I decided to be frugal with his Christmas gifts and make most of them myself. Of course I ended up buying quite a few bits as well… but I mainly stuck to the plan and knitted him a spy kit comprising of a fake beard, bow tie and eye patch. I found a really sweet crochet pattern for a bow tie on Mollie Makes, but couldn’t find anything for the other bits. Feeling confident after tweaking a pattern for some knitted fruit I decided to go for it and make the beard up as I went along. I googled instructions to knit the loop stitch and set away at making a beard like shape. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, but was concerned the stitches were a bit loose. With a different brown wool I secured each loop with a stitch and recreated loops in between each knitted loop. The result was a two tone bushy face accessory that I loved! The eye patch was much simpler… just increasing crochet to the right shape and adding on a band to the top. Ollie had much fun with it on Christmas morning, and even dressed up his new Giraffe in the beard!


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