Sunday papers // Papier-mâché stag head

Everyone knows that Sundays are all about the newspapers, right? Well this Sunday my housemates and I decided to recycle those newspapers and make pretty things with them, reviving the childhood favourite papier-mâché. Whilst the others made fox heads and mini versions of the vegetable cuddly toys that reside in our living room, I decided to make a miniature stag head to hang on my wall. Basing the design on pictures I found on my best friend Pinterest, I set off making the overall shape with newspaper and masking tape. I then took small pieces of newspaper and applied these using a glue and PVA mixture. After drying it in the oven, I nailed the head to an MDF plinth and… voila! The mini stag head was finish. I decided to leave it raw… but I might paint the antlers gold at some point in the future. I’m really happy with how it turned up and can’t wait to find a spot to hang him! photo


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